Liberty Locks Luxury Clip In Hair Extensions.

All Liberty Locks clip in hair extensions are Luxury AAAA Grade Indian Human Remy Hair.

Remy AAAA Grade hair is the finest quality hair available and creates the most natural looking hair extensions possible. The cuticle on our hair has not been stripped and therefore allows the hair to maintain maximum levels of moisture and condition.

The fully intact cuticles on our 100% Human Remy hair lay in the same direction, producing soft, smooth, shiny and natural effects with fabulous tangle free results.

Pack contains;

140g of Luxury AAAA Grade Indian Human Remy Hair

18” in length (46cm) with 6 Clip In sections

1 x 20cm Width with 4 clips

1 x 18cm Width with 4 clips

2 x 15cm Widths with 3 clips

2 x 10cm Widths with 2 clips

Choice of colours; 1B, 2, 4, 6,10, 6/22, 4/6, 613/24, 60/613, 4/27, 6/24

Styling & Maintenance.

Although our hair extensions are produced using the best hair on the market, we highly recommend that you initiate good care and consideration when washing, drying, styling and storing. Please remember that the hair is no longer living and therefore unable to reproduce any natural oils.

To increase the longevity of the hair, treat it with extra attention and careful understanding. Our human hair extensions can be styled using conventional tools such as hair dryers, wands and hair straighteners, but we highly recommend the temperature setting be kept to a minimum. We suggest the use of a good quality heat protection product, before applying any form of heat.

We recommend when washing and conditioning the hair, always use good quality products with ingredients such as Argan Oil or Keratin to help maintain the natural oils within the hair.

When brushing the hair, we recommend the use of gentle brushes which have been designed for hair extensions and good quality brushes which do not 'pull' or 'snag' in the hair. Large pure bristles brushes are most favourable.

When storing the hair, make sure it remains tangle free and is not exposed to elements which will reduce its look or feel Lifestyle Outside agencies and natural elements reduce the look and overall quality of all human hair.

Hair extensions are just as vulnerable as normal hair. Exposure to chemicals, hair colourants, perm lotions, sea salt, swimming pools, UVA, heated styling tools and any other items which would normally damage hair are very likely to reduce the look and feel of the hair extensions.

We do not recommended colouring or chemically processing our hair extensions.

Pack contains 140g of Luxury AAAA Grade Indian Human Remy Hair

18” in length (46cm) with 6 Clip In sections. 1 x 20cm Widths with 4 clips. 1 x 18cm Widths with 4 clips. 2 x 15cm Widths with 3 clips. 2 x 10cm Widths with 2 clips. Choice of colours; 1B, 2, 4, 6,10, 6/22, 4/6, 613/24, 60/613, 4/27, 6/24

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