Smart Polish. No De hydrator needed, No Base Coat needed, No Top Coat needed, No Gel Cleanser needed. Painted nails are more than just gorgeous to look at. Women want beautiful nails in an instant but are constantly frustrated with the 5 component systems that simply take too long!

Using the latest LED technology, traditional gel systems are still time consuming and repetitive to apply because you have to use a 5 step system.

This means five times the painting, and five times the waiting!

Application times are dramatically reduced to a minimum. Super Express treatment times will enable

Busy women who just do not normally have the time for a manicure, to have their nails looking gorgeous in the fastest time ever!


Lightly abrade the nail gel polish to remove the shine. Soak nail with gel remover for 10 minutes. Push gel polish away with orange stick. Lightly buff the nail plate. Apply cuticle oil to rejuvenate and moisturize.

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