Revlon Hair Loss Patches Pack Of 30 PatchesRevlon Intragen 5 Patch Hair loss treatment, 30 patchesIntragen 5 is a patented Anti-Hair Loss complex from Revlon, which treats all aspect causes of hair loss. It is multi active in five areas.It is multi active in five areas.

1 Blocks the hormonal agent 5 alpha which is the main cause of hair loss.

2 Neutralises free radicals protecting the follicle membrane from premature aging.

3 Stimulates blood circulation, oxygenation and cellular nutrition.

4 Increases the number of keratinocytes which enhance hair growth and strength

5 Reduces the level of sebum in the scalp.

This light non greasy formula is rich and highly-concentrated with active ingredients, It will prolong the hair growth by blocking out the hormonal enzyme 5-Alpha. It will increase hair development and strength during the growing phase. Stimulates blood circulation, oxygenation and cellular nutrition. Stops premature cell aging. Decreases sebum secretions. It will quickly increase hair density and will slow hair loss significantly within a few months. It leaves the hair light yet strong.Dosage; 1 patch per day applied to clean dry skin on the upper back. Leave the patch on for 24 hours and then replace with a new patch in a nearby area. The optimum recommended period is two months.This pack contains 30 patches.

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